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2022 Rittenhouse Star Trek The Next Generation Archives & Inscriptions boldly returns to the popular 1980s/199os television series with a new trading card release.


24 Päckchen pro Box.
5 Karten pro Päckchen.
4 Autogrammkarten in jeder Box
(Including 2 Inscription Autograph Cards!).


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Inscription Signers include:
- Brent Spiner (Data)
- Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi)
- Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker)
- Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher)
- Ashley Judd (Robin Lefler)
- Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar)
- John De Lancie (Q)
- Michelle Forbes (Ro Laren)
- Jonathan Del Arco (Hugh)
- Daniel Davis (Prof. Moriarty)
- Jennifer Hetrick (Vash)
- Robert O’Reilly (Gowron)
- Natalija Nogulich (Adm. Nechayev)
- Suzie Plakson (K’Ehleyr)
- Michael Berryman (Capt. Rixx)
- Eric Menyuk (The Traveler)
- Brian Brophy (Bruce Maddox)
- Olivia d’Abo (Amanda Rogers
- Christopher McDonald (Castillo)
- Amanda McBroom (Capt. Louvois)
and many more!

60-Card Variable Quote Base Set
Memorable quotes from 60 key characters from Star Trek TNG, including Picard, Data, Worf, Troi, LaForge and dozens more. Minimum of 9 and maximum of 18 different quotes per character to collect!

BONUS Sets Include:

"Encounter at Farpoint" Uncut - 46 Cards (1:16 Packs)
46-card set, retelling the very first TNG episode in scene-by-scene detail, like never before.

"The Best of Both Worlds" Uncut - 53 Cards (1:16 Packs)
53-card set, retelling the greatest TNG/Borg adventure, featuring Patrick Stewart as Locutus, in scene-by-scene detail, like never before.

TNG Laser Cut Villains Expansion Set – 18 Cards (1:24 Packs)
Star Trek Lower Decks Seasons 1&2 – 20 Episode Cards (1:24 Packs)

Star Trek Lower Decks Seasons 1&2 – 22 Character Cards (1:24 Packs)

Star Trek Infinite Possibilities Cards – 9 Cards (1:24 Packs)

Sketch Cards (Insertion Rate TBD)

Autograph Cards (1:6 Packs), incl. Inscriptions (1:12 Pack)

Star Trek TNG UK Stamp Cards – 2 Cards (Picard and Troi)(TBD)